How We Do It

Circle of Care is a formal service offered by Care Corner Singapore to preschool operators.

We believe the preschool offers the best odds for effective intervention as a natural setting where children spend hours daily. Their journey with us starts from infancy through nine years of age, where we ensure timely and effective support.

Interdisciplinary Team

A team comprising social workers, principal and teachers, educational therapists and health specialists who meet regularly to coordinate care plans for the child and social work intervention for the family.

Primary School Transition Support

A formalised manner of information sharing and joint care between staff in a primary school and the social workers from CoC, through child portfolios and IDT meetings.

Holistic Child Development

CoC draws upon evidence-based approaches such as Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) and Mind In The Making (MITM) to design programmes that support positive parent-child attachment and the development of essential life skills. Health and developmental issues are also picked up and addressed early through our Health Development and Screening Programme (HDSP), in partnership with NUHKids.

Building Parenting Capacities & Life Skills

CoC runs BLOOM (Believing in Little Ones with Open hearts and Minds) programmes which seek to develop life skills that are essential for school readiness and future success, with a parallel focus on building strong parent and child relationships and interactions.

Enhancing Professional Development

We develop our partner preschools to enhance leadership competencies and strengthen communities of practice to promote interdisciplinary collaborations. This is done through structured training, learn-and-share sessions, dialogues and seminars.