Why We Exist

“It takes a child to raise a village”

We believe that each child has potential and plays a part in our aspiration to become a more inclusive, just and equal society. When we centre on our children and form relationships to work together to enable them to achieve, we become powerful agents of change.

Children from various backgrounds and families who face multiple stressors may already be lagging behind their peers in terms of development by as much as two years by the time they reach the age of six. In fact, studies have shown that children who experience persistent poverty are at a higher risk of poor health, lower educational attainment and are more likely to live in poverty as adults.

Circle of Care (CoC) recognises the interconnectedness of problems affecting a child and his family and the silo-ed manner of the current support services, which raises additional barriers for families as they have to navigate across different systems.

We embrace a more comprehensive strategy braiding health, social services, schools and community to meet disadvantaged families where they are with wraparound care for the child.

Some of the most rigorously implemented and evaluated preschool intervention programmes produce benefits that persist well into adulthood. Confronting the causes of adversity and strengthening families in the early years not only reduces the social costs to society in the long run, but allows us to reach our full potential as a society.