What We Do

An integrated support system to uplift children from disadvantaged backgrounds

Circle of Care (CoC) was launched in 2013 as a preventive, preschool-based model that centres on children. As we come together to enable our children to grow and thrive, so will we.

Preventive & Early Intervention

Achievement and opportunity gaps emerge as early as infancy and widen as children grow. We build strong foundations through timely support for children through key transitions in childhood.

Community Approach

We inspire collective action and a shared vision for child-centric communities, by bringing together resources, strengthening home-school-community partnerships and aligning practices across settings.

Systemic Partnerships

We connect multiple aspects of care to enable collaborative practices and minimise barriers to services for families to create an individualised care approach for each child.

Applied Science & Knowledge

Our programmes are grounded in evidence-based practices and tap on the latest research in neuroscience, social work and early childhood to ensure best outcomes for children and families.